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Health Resources

School Nurse

Students who are ill should remain at home. If a student becomes ill or is injured at school, he/she may get a pass from the teacher, whose class will be missed, to report to the health room. If the health aide or nurse determines that the student needs further treatment or should be sent home, the nurse or nurse aide will contact parents. Only the staff of the Health Office will determine if the student should go home and will advise the main office. Students are never excused to go home unless the school contacts a parent or guardian and the student is picked up and signed out by a parent or guardian. In case of serious illness or injury and when the school is unable to reach a parent or guardian, 911 will be called.

Students are not to call home on their own to a family member to be taken home. The Health Office personnel must first see the student. Students may go to the Health Office at any time, but they must first seek adult permission, or obtain a pass from their teacher.