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Parent Room Coordinator
  Jaqueline Saucedo Olivares Family Liaison

The Parent Room

Welcome to the Parent Room!

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Support School Safety
WMS parents meet with administration and school safety officials to keep our students safe.  School safety is priority one at WMS.  Parents advocate for a clear discipline policy and support our Safe School Ambassadors program (SSA).  SSA is a student leadership program that trains students to be leaders in our school.  Students speak up when problems are small so that they don’t grow into bigger problems.  We have 65 students currently serving as ambassadors at all three grade levels.  Parents support the SSA program by serving as advisors, volunteering at celebrations, and by continuing to advocate for a safe school.

Support College Preparation
Join a group of parents who support high expectations and goals.  WMS students are college-bound. Whether that means CNM, UNM, or other post-secondary education, we know that kids can’t stop after high school.  That’s why parents organize parent “actions” to keep our academic programs high, by:

  • advocating for dual language and low student-teacher ratio
  • encouraging hands-on science
  • working with neighborhood schools, churches and non-profits to support the lottery scholarship
  • hosting visits by CNM and UNM
  • working with Hacia La Universidad College Prep Program
  • and more! 

Support After School Programs
We know how important extra-curricular activities are to students’ excitement and enthusiasm for learning.  Parents serve on our After School Programs Committee. Parents meet with funders, volunteer during club meetings, and help us make the program stronger by helping staff design the program. 

Uniform Assistance Policy
Through the generosity of The Assistance League we are able to provide uniform vouchers to 115 students on a first-come, first-served basis.  Request forms are available during registration and are distributed at the beginning of the school year.  We are also able to provide emergency uniforms and coats to every child who needs them throughout the school-year, while supplies last, thanks to the generosity of St John Thrift.